So I’ve lost a small human!!

That’s right; since I started dieting in June I have lost 100lbs. I am eating well, feeling full, working out. For the first time in my life I’m truly enjoying being & quite proud of myself. In June I was 506.9 lbs day of surgery I was 448lbs. Today I am 406.8 lbs. I can not wait for my be future!!


Post op day 4

while I’m fully aware that may be TMI, this was a really big deal it’s been a full week since my last BM and though surgery was only 5 days ago, things have not been moving south the way they should. I have gone to the grocery store now 2 days in a row for walking 20min a pop! So that’s great. I have also been drinking about 50 ounces of water a day. In addition to blended soup and 24oz of “double milk”. Still quite sore but not in pain, if you get what I mean. Truly looking forward to the future me that seems to be lurking around the corner!

Much love,


Recovery Day 1

Top of the list? Man am I sore! According to my doctor/surgeons I have a “thick muscular abdominal wall” so they had to pull and really work to get the portion of my stomach they removed out. Thus I am in pain but more than anything I am really fricking sore. Surgery went great or so I’m told I’m keeping down water broth and milk so I will be headed home shortly!

So I’m at the hospital

Surgery is today! #Crazy T-minus 60 mins this is crazy I can’t believe how fast it came. So excited to be the best version of myself in the future! Here to 2018 and for the first time in my life a true meaning to “new year new me”. Attached are my preop photos can’t wait to start posting as the weight is dropping!!

This is going to be difficult

So here we are it’s turkey genocide day! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. As I sit here preparing for a feast I am torn inside. 1/2 of me wants to go out in true fat kid style for my last thanksgiving pre-op. The other 1/2 wants to stay true to my new lifestyle, the lifestyle that I have 60+ pounds with. I am realizing this is just the beginning. Today, next month Christmas feast and my birthday January 3rd. The last one doesn’t really count since I’ll be on a liquid diet for my bday in preparation of my surgery. Updates on the day soon to come!

Support I didn’t know I needed

It’s interesting, I always thought of myself as a strong person. I was raised to be “the man”! I never saw my father ask for help from anyone. He never specifically told me not to ask for help but his behavior modeled this mindset to me. I never wanted to look weak to my father or the other men in my family. So I put my true passions on the back burner things like music and math. Instead focusing on things like baseball, wrestling and football. Which I turned out to be pretty good at. However these sports while I excelled never brought me the kind of joy learning a new instrument or solving some geometry or algebra problems that none of my classmates could. Instead of being “the man” in the sense of doing what I loved. I did what other expected of me. Now don’t get me wrong I love my experiences of playing sports and the character built from those experiences is irreplaceable. Sometimes I just wish I focused more on the things I loved when I was unger rather than what was expected. In fact looking back now I see this was an ongoing theme in my life. I’ve always put on the manly face and seemed confident about me and my size but in truth I’ve always been a little hurt that my family was the ones, not elementary/middle bullies, to start calling me “Big Mac”. So I took the name and ran with it. I tried to use it as some sort of ice breaker & shield. After all when a large man tells you to call him Big Mac, what could you possibly say that could offend him?…

My love for the ukulele developed somewhere around 23 years old. I saw Israel Kamakawiwoʻole preforming somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world. It was awesome. It made me think wow a big man, confident in carrying this tiny instrument and playing the hell out of it. I want that. So I picked one up while on a date with someone with whom, comparatively, my relationship with the ukulele lasted longer. I learned the basics and instantly it went everywhere I went. I thought preschool and began introducing into my curriculum, the kids loved it, other staff loved it, even my boss loved it! As a grown man I finally learned that pursuit of my passion even if I fail I end up happier in the end. I was blessed with a beautiful wife who supports me in ways I never knew I needed. She has encouraged me to pursue my dreams and even though she was not the most excited for me to have this surgery she has always supported me through the process. She’s my rock & the support I didn’t even know I needed. I am honored to call her wife, friend & lover. Especially the last one 😉 

It’s on like donkey Kong

So here we are on September 23rd, 2017. After the insurance required 3 months(July-September) of nutrition appointments not covered by insurance. The nutritionists at the UofIowa gave me their stamp of approval. After a meeting with the Psychiatrist on the Baratric team gave me her stamp of approval. After Dr. Nau met with me again approving of the new workout regimen and the way I have stuck to the nutrition plan. New blood test were run. I lost 68 or so pounds(my goal is to lose 75-100lbs preop) in this time(since June 12 or so). I decided that I want to have Gastric Sleeve not bypass, not my first choice but happy that I came to my senses. Dr. Nau now gave me the green light to have the surgery. Now the waiting game, as it is all submitted to insurance…

Now it’s October 24th 2017, I get the voicemail telling me that “insurance has approved your surgery” and that they would like to schedule if I could call them back. I could not call them back quick enough. I was given a surgery date of January 9th 2018!! I continue to look forward to this and can’t wait to start seeing the new me! I would love to talk to any of you out there that have had this type of surgery(bypass or sleeve).